Saturday, January 28, 2006

the big picture


Have u ever been inside a camera obscura? It is trippy and peaceful and calm. Well, wait a minte. I just realized it wouldnt be trippy peaceful and calm if the camera were in an unpeaceful not-beautiful location. Anyway, what's really fun is2take someone in who has never been in one. Then u watch their face and that's the fun part.A&R are expecting a special guest in february, and this is one of the things we will show her. Too bad the Musee Mechanique isnt next to the Giant Camera anymore, we could take her there too. Well, we have a cd of the Sounds of the Musee Mechanique, we can play that for her at least. The Musee is now located near Fisherman's Wharf I think. Maybe we'll make it over there, but 5 days is such a short time when u r in the bay area because there is so much to see and do. Oh well, maybe on the next visit!!!

"Funny" tour story: For awhile, ACC played accordion at Ghiradelli singing, just solo accordion. And can u believe it, ol' Accordion Breath was asked to leave and not come back! The reason was that ACC did not pander to the crowd, u know, make dumb jokes and "relate" to the people, and some of the songs were melancholy or sad-sounding. And ACC was told that the merchants thought the accordion was chasing away customers! HA FUCKING HA!!! How funny is THAT? Still, it's always somewhat embarrassing 2b fired, even in situations where u didnt want 2b there anyway. Which was not the case at was nice being outside playing music. ACC was constantly asked by the people passing by to play zydeco, which ACC doesnt know the first thing about. But wouldnt you like to hear FIRST AND LAST AND ALWAYS by the Sisters of Mercy instead? What about EAT THE RICH by Motorhead? IMAGINE by John Lennon? No? Well, ok then, what about GREENSLEEVES? No? NO??!! What the hell is wrong with you???
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Mr.Mr. said...

how bout "Happy Birthday"?
u mussa bin axed 2playdat

mxrich said...

yeah i remember seeing you on market street playing rolling stones with your beats on a radio shack tape recorder and a weird guy playing guitar. And what about the kids who thought you were blind because you had big sunglasses on and they tried to steal your money in GG park?

Rich said...

yeah that toally sucked. that gave me a bad feeling about people. :-(

Mr.Mr. said...

were you wearing fisnet hose?

Mr.Mr. said...


Rich said...
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