Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spring again, everybody know it's spring again

Hello. Well, our big excitement is over...dean and britta have left the bldg. Their show at YOSHI'S in sam fram was excellent. I was happy they did WORDS YOU USED TO SAY. Dean's written so many good songs over the years, and this is one of my very top-favorites. It seems like an easy song for him to sing, it just comes out so natural-sounding. And speaking of singing, in his new soon-to-be-published book, BLACK POSTCARDS, Dean compares Eddy Vedder's singing to Cher's.. Boy did i burst out laughing when i red that. My singing teacher, Katie Guthorn, showed me how to sound like Cher, and,according to Dean i guess like Eddy Vedder as well: You scoop out your tongue to make a bowl shape, and your vowels drop into the bowl instead of coming out of your mouth.
And, if you're keeping track of how many times we've lost electricity around here lately, today is the 4th time in less than 3 weeks, usually lasting for several hours each time. I was glad that at least it didnt happen while D&B were here, since it was cold and rainy, and the furnace, internet and stove all run on electricity.
Anyway, no tour or shows or anything...2busy trying to finish this b4 the power goes out again.
And how YOU doin?

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