Saturday, August 20, 2011

under the covers

Hello. Workin' my way up to an album's worth of X-TAL covers. HAPPY AMERICANS is next, after having finished ENCORE and YOUR FRAGILE MIND. These songs r from the brilliant songwriter J NEO MARVIN. (Couldnt find a pic of him online, in case u were wondering about the pix here.) He's just the best. I was at so many XTAL shows in San Francisco and also went on the road with them to a Sacramento show. Or was it Cleveland? I even auditioned for XTAL on bass once, after they had lost their bass player and needed one in a hurry. After playing with them on one song, Mick the drummer says to me, "We were actually looking for someone who could play more than one string." Well fine! It's true i only played one string on the bass, the thickest one,(shut up Ed.) but i didnt see that as a drawback.
There's another song of theirs i always wanted to cover called ANOTHER OLD COLONIAL COMES WITH A HARD LUCK STORY, mostly so i can say the line "You're goddammed lucky u got your ignorant white ass out in time." At the shows, the crowd would yell that line when it came up...we were all just waiting for that moment to arrive.
So yeah, i'm pretty excited about doing these songs.  Bang your head! (volume check if u@work).

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