Sunday, September 04, 2011

happy americans by angel corpus christi +1

Original version by the great X-TAL.
Why is it so easy for me to sing their songs? I sing them so much better than i do my own songs. And this is such a fun sing-along song, even if u @work right now, please pass the fried chicken, i mean, please sing outloud-- with emphasis on the loud-- and b4 the end of the song everybody be singin' and fist-pumpin'. (Or not. -Ed.)
Neo, the songwriter for X-TAL knows alot about songwriting...which vowels go with which chords and stuff like that. If the Glimmer Twins were triplets, Neo would be the third one.
Vocals accordion Angel Corpus Christi music Rich Stim


J Neo Marvin said...

This is great! Thank you.

Can I make requests?

angel corpus christi said...

very glad u like it!

requests taken! or, u can guess which one we r doing nxt. :-)

p.s. "requests" link shows only a field of black. please hang up and try again, or press X for more options.

angel corpus christi said...

sorry, operator error... got the link. :-))))

J Neo Marvin said...

The video accompanying the music is in the spirit of Spinal Tap. How black is it? NONE more black.