Sunday, July 15, 2012

tower of power

When i moved to Sam Framcisco, the first job i applied for and got was at Tower Records. I loved my boss, Stan Goman, right away. Cute, smart and funny, there was nothing not to like.
When record salesmen would come in the store to check on their records he'd tell them, "Oh yeah. That one started off slow and then tapered off."  Or, "it shipped gold and returned platinum."
It was a glam place to be and i learned alot about, well, the store's nickname was Tower Drugs, let's leave it at that.
When opera stars were in town they'd come into the store and there would be a big party in the back room.  Being in SF, our store sold a ton of opera so the singers always made time to stop by when they were in town.
Years later, when White Courtesy Phone came out, Stan gave me "a board" on the outside of the store.  All the top-selling albums of the day were advertised like that,  with these huge hand-painted depictions of the album covers.   U could see them from your car as u drove by.  It was exciting to get the board.  It was right on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Bay Street in North Beach.
Here's what Stan is up to these days. And there's a movie out or about to come out.

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