Tuesday, February 28, 2006

knock knock knockin on heaven's door


I see that smoking is not allowed in heaven anymore. That's good. It would be sad 2see a bunch of cigarette butts all over the place.

Remember that Psychedelic Furs song...i never knew exactly what ol' Richard was saying..."and heaven, is a hole in the heart"...was that it? They were a great band. I think i saw them once, maybe at the Greek Theater in Berkeley? or was that the Cure? It's all a bit hazy fantazey.

And speaking of great songs, if i knew how2send an mp3, i would send I AINT MISSING YOU to my lostie...I aint missing u, since u've been gone...away...i aint missing u at all...

So, no tour/shows or anything, but ACC's web presence is not bad, not bad at all!
And speaking of web presence, we saw a cool short-short web movie, KETCHUP HANDJOB. Dont u love all these cool free little movies that r available now?

And speaking of cool short web movies, BFFRich has made an outstanding movie, MY COMMUTE. Honestly, it is just fantastic. So arty and cool. That's BFFRich, alright! He's ALWAYS been arty and cool! HI RICH!!!!!! Bye, yall. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

biscotti anyone?


Here is some delicious-looking biscotti. Biscotti is a favored snack of our long-lostie, and she sampled it from different places during her visit to SF. We didnt believe her when she said the biscotti from Pizzette tasted like shrimp, but it did! Ewwww! Sounds bad, huh? It was.

HONK IF U LOVE PRUNE TACOS. I saw that on a bumper-sticker once. And this one: STOP HONKING! CANT U SEE I'M ON THE PHONE?!

Dinner2nite shall be pseudo-quasi mexican: "spanish" rice, beans, quesadillas, and corm bread (no that's not a typo...lately i like to switch the m for an n).

And in comclusion, go fuck yourself amtrak. (trying to arrange a trip) :-( Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

this little light of mine


I'm gonna let it shine,let it shine let it shine let it shine.
I think i remember singing that on a bible school-bus. And, joshua fought the battle of jericho, jericho, jericho. And, rock my soul in the bosom of abraham. I never knew what the hell we were singing about.

Sure seems quiet around the house now that our lostie is gone :-(
And it's been raining ever since she left.

Attending an a.m. ashtanga yoga class tomorrow...kinda like boot-camp yoga. hup hup hup. Namaste yall, namaste. Posted by Picasa

is it time2eat yet?


Eat eat eat. Eat eat eat. Mmmm good. Do u ever eat your dessert b4 dinner? I'm recommending it, because that way, u can have TWO desserts...one b4 and one after. And a little capuccino b4 dinner keeps u nice and alert while u r waiting2b served.

These pix were taken at il fornaio in san francisco, where, once upon a time, the actress debra winger tried 2pick up yours truly. I had 4gotten all about it until the other day when strolling with my lostie.
It was a beautiful day with the sun sparkling on the fountain at levi plaza, and the wild parrots of telegraph hill squawking above our heads as we walked up the greenwich steps to coit tower. At the top, we came upon a movie set. Johhny knoxville and (maybe?) mischa barton were doing a picnic scene (not sure if it was mischa because the actresses tresses were hanging down covering her face.)

ok, gotta go run 2 burn off the tiramisu and zabaglione. bye! and as human4animal would say: "stay beautiful". Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006

beautiful girl stay with me


Long-lostie's last day in san francisco...over the bridge on a bike again, in the afternoon, and b4 that, rode around crissy field/marina/fort point/aquatic park. In the morning, took a car-ride to the Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park. There is a special orchid exhibit there that is so well presented and thought out... misty and magical. Words cannot express, and a picture is worth a thousand dollars, and my damn camera's battery needed charging and i didnt know it. :-( so maybe if u r in the area, u can go there and see. so amazing and wonderful. Didnt make it to stow lake and the japanese tea gardens. Maybe next time :-)

Love ya, lostie! Have a great reunion with your cats. Thanks for coming to visit A&R. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006

overwhelmed in north beach


Hi everybody. Here's my lostie standing outside a gallery that was hosting a Beat Exhibit. She tapped into all the feelings and emotions and history that the gallery was filled with, and i felt my lostie from across the room as she was feeling. Many pix of jack, allen, gregory, and all the other beats...poetry books, paintings, posters, etc. If you're going2san francisco, be sure2wear some flowers in your hair while u visit the gallery, Live Worms. Sorry, cant recall what street it is on... the same street as the savoy tivoli. Until then, check out www.kerouac.com and the beatmobile, "spreading the spirit of the Beats across America". Itsa beautiful thing... Posted by Picasa

what color is your trailmix?


Having fun with our long-lostie...took her hiking on coastal trails, bike-riding over the golden gate bridge, she saw people smoking crack on haight street (how quaint!), ate lunch in sausalito (veggie tostada), watched the parrots of telegraph hill documentary on our new big-ass flat-screen tv, and the weather has been fantastic the whole time. ok, hope u r getting2gether with your long-lostie soon! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

time2put down the steak knife


Finally finished reading the Temple Grandin book, Animals in Translation. She has done a lifetime of good work and i totally respect her for that. Can u hear a "but" coming? I am having a hard time reconciling the meat-eating Temple with the "i love all animals" Temple. yeah yeah yeah she's heard it all b4, but not from me.

How can she make a comment like "animals are going to turn out to be more capable than we know", and then eat one? She gives a rap about oh, maybe autistic people need more protein, but as just about everybody knows by now, people, non-autistic AND autistic, can often find more protein in non-meat items than in meat items. AND without all the anti-biotics, hormones, and who knows what all. (People, have u ever seen inside a meat truck when the back-end is open?? That shit is just hanging there, or on the floor, uncovered, dirty, being handled by the driver's bare hands.) Anway,read up on this...check it out 4yourself. U mite be surprised actually, how little protein there is in a big mac, compared to a plate of rice and beans.

Here's something else she says in the book: "We need to study animals...what are they feeling?" Uh, Temple, they MIGHT be feeling dread, as they pass thru that very nifty gadget u invented for the slaughterhouses. "What are they doing?" Well, Temple dear, they are dying, that's what they're doing. And "What do we need to do to treat animals fairly, responsibly, and with kindness?" In answer to that question, i have 3 words: dont eat them. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 18, 2006

yer doin a heckof a job brownie


This is Brownie. Nancy Kravtiz' grandmother made him for me. He's coming out of his shell, he's got a wonderful view.

Dont u miss seeing dean wareham on tour? I do. Maybe he should start his OWN non-tour diary. I remember hearing some of dean's lyrics,along time ago, and someone asked me if i wanted to be introduced to dean, and i said no because i thought, because of his lyrics, that he would be nasty-ass. 4instance: "dont know what you're sayin', but i hate it anyway". Hmmmm, maybe there's some dean wareham at google video...

I read about a Spiritualized fan who went looking for some Spiritualized at google video, and there wasnt anything, so he made one himself. Isnt that cool?

Well, if not touring is good enough for dean wareham and jason pierce, it's good enough for me. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

(jumpin jack) flash


Since I are 2stoopid2learn how2show more than once picture at once on this bloggy, here's another pic4u (see below), with the flash on. Love ya2times!! Posted by Picasa

roses r red...


and violets r purple, sugar is sweet and so's maple syrple. (is that a roger miller lyric? i think it is.) he was so great. Well, we can still love him on valentine's day...even tho we cant see him. But hey! Please put down your hand, 'cause i see YOU!!! Appy-hay Velentine's Day, yall. x0x0 Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

once u painted our bedroom red...


...this is where we go to the stars u said.
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY all u lovers out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 12, 2006

everybody loves my baby but my baby dont love nobody but me


Yup, that's my A#1, my BFF4Ever, the one,the only...RWS. He has been busy finding and editing old ACC performance movies. Pretty soon, he will break for dinner (spaghetti!). HI RICH!!!!

Have u seen FORTY SHADES OF BLUE starring Rip Torn? What about EROS? If your favorite movie is BLOW-UP, do we have a surprise for you! Eros is 3short films, one by Antonioni. Wow is it gorgeous. Unbelievable camera work, so much emotion in the camera.

So, of course, no tour/shows...does watching old footage of shows count? ok, ok, so it doesnt count. So sue me!

Gotta go check on my spaghetti! Bye yall Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 11, 2006

sweet dreams r made of these who am i 2disagree


Nothin could be finer than2b with carolina in the mor-or-or-ning. The excitement around the stimboleum is escalating! Escalating excitement! We r expecting our special long-lostie 2 arrive in a few days, and tho we think it's wrong to pray for trivial things like good weather, we do hope that it doesnt rain every day of the visit. Bike rides, pizza at Pizzetta 211 on California/23rd Avenue, sunsets at the beach, these r a few of our favorite things we will be sharing with our long-lostie. Doesnt it sound like fun? Sure couldnt do all this if i was on tour. ha ha. The only tour i'll be on is a tour of GG Park, where all the flowering trees are in blossom. And of course we will have2show our visitor the Angler's Lodge, the most esoteric/existential spot in the Park. We love showing this spot to visitors, and clocking their reactions. When we showed Sonic Boom, he thought it would be a good place to be really really high. When we showed it to a surfer-friend from New Jersey, he laughed out-loud. Stay tuned to read about our long-lostie's reaction!

I gotta love the Bay Area...2day's post-yoga lunch: baby spinach with fresh figs, tiny cubes of feta cheese, and thinly-thinly sliced red onions. Hope u ate something scrumptious 2day. If not2day, maybe2morrow! Bye. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

dont call us...we'll call you

Once again, i had2much2dream last night...2much2dream. The main dream, which was more like a nightmare: ACC got signed to a big major label! OH NO!! How did this happen?? I couldnt remember anything that led up2the signing, just all of a sudden, we were signed. SHIT! "They" brought in the big producer, the big A&R guy(nae offense HT) the big this, the big that, and all their ideas were so shit. It was unbelievable how shit they were, like a bad joke. "They" played us some backing trax "they" had made, and we were appalled! Everything sounded so bad and cheesy but not in a good way! Now, ACC has always loved bad and cheesy, especially when applied 2her own music, but this was somethin else.

We tried breaking the deal, we tried everything...being nice/reasonable(yeah, like THAT might work), we tried being hard-asses, nothing we did could get us off the label. We kept meeting with person-after-person but we couldnt get off. We wanted2sound like ourselves on this new signing, but we could tell there was no way that was gonna happen. We asked them why did we get signed if they didnt want us2sound the way we sound, but you know, there was no good answer, just a bunch of circular booshit. Jeez A was so happy2finally wake up(and cry!).

If u'd like to see 2 ACC videos... Jet Boy Jet Girl, or Been There Done That ...

Another dream starred Kim Fowley...he had invited ACC and BFFRich 2dinner. Then we noticed he wasnt at the table for awhile, so we went looking4him, and saw him...sitting outside at a table for 1! ha! So, just like in real-life, R wanted2walk over and be polite and say goodbye, etc., and A said "Absolutely not!" Then A woke up...and laughed! Bye kids! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

that's close enough


Step away from the german shepherd! Now that we r reading the temple grandin book, we know that alot of the "fun" things we did to smoochie were things that could have set him off in a bad way. Like making fast moves, or certain "play" activities. Now we know that maybe smoochie was doing all he could to restrain himself from showing us what he was capable of in the Hurt Dept.!

But the one thing that isnt true about smoochie...not only did he not mind if u were around him when he was eating, he actually liked it. he liked me 2sit down by him when he was eating, and if i got up b4 he was finished, he would come get me. how cute is that?

i could have an entire blog devoted 2smoochie, that's how interesting and smart he is. one of his nicknames is LL Smoochie for "Ladies Love". Ladies would always stop what they were doing2admire him and say things like "stately", or "what a handsome guy". it's true he is a totally masculine dog. once when i picked him up from his vet, they said "your boyfriend is waiting for u." ha ha.

he is demanding, and i guess that's not a good thing, but we liked that about him. we preferred to think of him as communicative rather than demanding. because his owner neglected him, we tried 2make up4it by letting smoochie know he could talk and we could understand.

another great thing about smoochie...no one would fuck with me when i had smoochie by my side. once i was walking him in a somewhat remote area where i would never go by myself, and a bunch of gang members kinda popped up out of nowhere. do u know how funny and satisfying it was when they cut me PLENTY of slack...they walked WAY around us, the whole time their eyes open WIDE looking down at smoochie, not EVEN looking at me or saying ANYTHING. these huge pumped-up guys. and smoochie put on his best manly-man face and attitude, and even slowed down, like "yeah, motherfuckers, i'm walkin' here, u got a problem with that?" not threatening, just casually VERY serious. wow was it great! when we got past them i hugged smoochie and he looked at me like "did i do it for ya or what?" smoochie is a great top, he loves loves loves doing what he thinks u want him to do. (well, sometimes!)

send the love to smoochie, everybody!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

dreamin' is free


...but maybe if there was a charge u could choose the programming? Jeez, had more wild ones again last night. AandR were on a cruise ship when dangerousbad weather developed... hurricanes, tornadoes, and the ship pulled up at the Cliff House and let us off the ship but there was fast-rising water at the Cliff House and we couldnt get out and the water was rising and rising and everyone was getting wet, everyone's hair and face and clothes were wet and even tho AandR's house is/was just a few blocks away, well, u know how it can be in dreams, for some reason we just couldnt leave, kinda like a luis bunuel movie, only in color. Then A woke up.

On the bus the other day, watched a crack whore. She(?) wasnt even aware i was staring at her even tho i was right across the aisle from her. Her movements were so un-human and bizarre...drinking a bright yellow soft-drink out of a huge plastic bottle...wearing a bikini top stuffed with something and she kept reaching in to adjust the stuffing and sucking down the yellow liquid like a person on the desert who hasnt had anything 2drink in days...on her head was a blond wig in braids, covered by a bandana and she kept reaching under the bandana 2adjust the wig...just in constant strange motion, all the while talking to what appeared 2b a "normal" guy she was with. We got off at the same stop, and the guy was complaining that he didnt get enuf sleep the nightb4 and crack whore said "Thing about havin' a drug probbem, u aint need but a coupla hours a sleep a night." I wanted 2follow them 2hear more, but it was an up-hill walk and crack whore and normal guy had 2stop every other step because they were so out of breath and it was taking2long. Hey! I got my OWN life, ya know? Cant b following u 2 around all day!

Later, mates. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 02, 2006

yellow yellow kissed a fellow


Red red peed the bed. Blue blue spit in your shoe. Brown brown wear a frown.
Green green ruptured your spleen. Orange orange...uh,er,..Pink pink u stink. Tan tan u da man. Black black sat on a tack in a purple Cadillac all the way to Pontiac.

Ok ok. Hi. Got a nice review on one of the songs on LOUIE LOUIE (Caroline Says). Click here (and check entry for Feb 1)!

Going to SFMOMA tomorrow with my yoga teacher 2see the Chuck Close exhibit. She used to sell art so i thought it might be a fun thing 2do2gether. Dont like the Museum much, but, as the blogger known as NEXT BIG THING would say, "whadda ya gawna do."
The Palace of the Legion of Honor provides a way better experience for looking at art...cant wait to take our special guest to the Palace later this month. :-)

Ok, kids, "Over an' oot", as the above-mentioned wee blogger would say! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

u were stuck in a dream and u wanted2scream


A huge hi-dee-ho (with no emphasis on the "ho" part) :-) to the blogger known as HUMAN4ANIMAL. Believe u me, folks, this little lady is GOING places. Just remember u heard it here first. U HEARD what i said!! :-)

And speaking of hearing (odd phrase, no?) have u ever heard that when u minus your 4.20, u have more dreams? Or maybe u just remember them when u wake up? ANYhoodle :-) yours truly sure has been dreamin baby dreamin. Had a dream i was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by BFFRich, and i saw a very arty red and black road-sign up ahead. I became apprehensive, and the closer we got2the sign, the more nervous i felt. U know that feeling in a dream when u need2talk but u cant even tho u r trying so hard? 4some reason, i felt compelled to SHOUT OUT what was printed on the sign but it was coming up fast and i panicked that i wouldnt be able to read it. Then, just as we were passing it, i saw that it said BLACKNESS,in big red and black letters, and i finally was able to scream(4real)... "BLACKNESS!"

Needless2say, all this screaming woke up BFFRich with a JOLT..."wha? wassamatter? huh? wtf? u ok?..."

I'm sorry BFFRich. Didnt mean2scare u like that. Pass the dutchie!!! Posted by Picasa