Sunday, October 18, 2015

i miss my brother R.I.P Terry Ross July 1948-October 2015

And now seems a good a time to say goodbye to MY NON-TOUR DIARY.
Thanks everyone for your readership (2, 819 posts/first posted on May 2005) and comments. I love u all.  And remember u can always find me on Instagram.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

cmon everybody cmon in angel's gonna show u how to do the swim

So grateful my parents provided swim lessons for us kids. I put those lessons to good use at the Carpinteria Community Pool last week. Imagine the view as u r swimming: huge huge Santa Ynez mountains huge huge clouds blue blue sky and tall tall palm trees. Unbelievably gorgeous AND! 'Layla' is playing on the loudspeakers.  Once in the pool i didnt want to get out.
Took a drive to Santa Barbara whoa. and had lunch at Mesa Verde,  the best vegetarian restaurant in the free world hands down; colorful, inventive organic plant-based food.
Worked on a fantasy of taking Bruce Anderson with us next time.  He could wear items from his white linen collection kindly chosen by his lovely M.
Dats it for now thanks 4 checking in. x0x

Sunday, October 04, 2015


In Carpinteria for a few days it is so soft and warm. (that's what SHE said).
Cruising vacation rentals on craigslist i found this listing in a seaside town called Summerland. What a great name for a iittle beach town. Or for anything.
Thought i wasnt comingback to the blog this soon but here i am.  Huh.

uh oh

Back soon? Not sure about that. But u can always find me here.
Hope u r all ok. x0x