Monday, November 30, 2009

what the????

When i left the boat this morning to do my a.m. give-away (little white flocked collapsible/folding chrishmish tree, about 2 feet tall)the molly kravitz doll was on the sofa, as u saw yesterday. BUT, when i returned, it was seated at the dining table. I knew i shoulda thrown that thing out. As George Earth would say "I'm scared."
Here's another scarey thing: Walking by the projects in Marin City, i looked down, and lying on the sidewalk was a pair of enormous fake eyelashes. THEY WERE HUGE. I thought 2 myself "Sha-zamm! That is one big sistah who lost THESE lashes." A few steps later i saw that someone had tossed a gigantic hot-pink stuffed animal into the bushes, and it was missing its eyelashes. Oh.
And here's ANOTHER(and final)scarey thing: When i was googling "big fake eyelashes", as soon as i typed "big", the first choice that came up was "big boobs".
And u dont believe we're on the eve?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

molly kravitz made this doll

I tried 2 get rid of this doll when we moved but just couldnt do it. I'm glad i brought it along.

census man

Friday, November 27, 2009

hb squared

Happy Birthday

happy birthday manly-man rich !

Rich scraped and hosed off(Oooooooooooooooh. -Ed.)otter dookie from our little floating dock, then coated it with a substance that the previous owner recommended using. It looks great. Happy Birthday Manly-Man, you're #1.

happy birthday rich !

happy birthday rich ! keep up the good work !

happy birthday rich !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

give-away shelf

At the opening to our dock (Ooooooh. -Ed.)is a gate with the residents' mailboxes and a shelf for "give-aways". My first few attempts at leaving just the right item failed, but i've gotten better at it. Books and Rich's audio books go the quickest. Each morning I walk 2 the gate and leave my offerings on the shelf. Today i left two posh paisley placemats and the Norman Rockwell calendar i received yesterday from All-State Auto Insurance. Yesterday i left a small high-gloss dark-brown ceramic lamp(white lampshade). The day b4 that i left the David Swenson Ashtanga yoga book. Tomorrow i'm thinking of leaving two modern bright-white coffee cups and a white cotton knit stocking hat, size small.

jenny is that u?

Hello. Just doin' this&that, waiting 4 a certain someone 2 arrive.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

u my dog

knock knock

Hello. Our houseboat's previous owners made a surprise visit and brought us these flowers. They were so nice, a young modern northern-Cali couple. She works at the Academy of Sciences and he's involved with GPS technology. He has one patent in this area and is working on his second.
Finally, finally, almost almost finished with the new ACC project.
We recorded the last 3 vocals on the houseboat, my new set-up is genius! Thanks Rich!

Monday, November 23, 2009

my lunch 2day

Half of a vegan chocolate muffin, carrots, coffee, and coconut water. After lunch i locked meself out of the boat! ("Oh crikey" as a certain someone would say.) Good thing i had my yoga mat out on the deck with me while i waited for the locksmith. When it turned cold-ish around 5-ish, i used it 2 keep warm, it worked great. Kinda like a wetsuit.

we've got rainbows

This is what we saw from our kitchen windows yesterday morn. But THE most exciting thing that happened yesterday was spending not one cent to have stuff hauled from our old house, no dealing with FREECYCLE ppl or CRAIGSLIST ppl. In our old 'hood,on our way to get coffee, we saw a guy on Balboa Street having his weekly garage sale, so we pulled over and axed him did he want to have any of our stuff 4 free. He came over immediately in his truck and took everything...futon, park bench, file cabinets, 2-level wardrobe rack on wheels, 5 floor lamps, blue mirror-top wooden end table from the 40s, clothing, jeez i cant remember what-all, and he's coming back 4 more tomorrow, AND taking junk 2 the dump for us at no charge in exchange 4 all the stuff we gave him. I was dreading having 2 pay for a hauling service; our former next-door neighbor paid over $900 to have someone haul away his unwanted stuff and i just couldnt see doing that. So with the hundreds we saved we figured we were allowed to go to FISH for dinner (again). We knew it would be packed, so we took blankets and bundled up and ate outside under the stars. Wow it was a great end to a bizzizzy day. This is one of our favorite chefs there, he's the one who said "I love u too" when we told him we loved him. He doesnt work at FISH anymore. We wonder where he is and hope he's ok.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

we've got a beautiful view

Ahoy! Cap'n Angie here.
This is what we see, at low tide, from the downstairs level of our boat. These steel balls were used to float submarine nets in World War II. During high tide, the balls r invisible.
It's a soft rainy morning, the water looks velvety.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

it's all said in the bed

I kept smelling a bad odor in the bedroom(UH-oh!-Ed.)and determined that it was coming from the platform bed-frame. So R took it apart and we saw that the materials had been stamped with this warning. Ironic because we had asked the previous owners 2 leave the bed here at the boat because it looked cool and had drawers underneath but...sleeping on formaldehyde ees no good no bueno. Pretty weird that THEY did, considering that they used Method cleaning products. Just sayin'.

Meet the Whaleknockers

If this boat's a-rockin', please hand me my seasick bands.
Our first storm aboard the boat is just beginning, and we r moving around quite a bit. I think the trick is to not type and then look out the window. Better to just keep eyes on the screen in front of me.
And how YOU doin'?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

this is it

My new cam just arrived. I be taking floating-home pix soon. And speaking of Michael Jackson, his movie is playing at the movie theater downtown.
And how YOU doin'?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

tree fucker

I used 2 think it was so funny to wear this Sisters of Mercy tshirt.
It says Fuck Me and Marry Me Young. U know, because i'm not a young man anymore.

Friday, November 13, 2009

experiencing technical difficulties

Hello. It's official: A&R is now bona-fide houseboat residents and we even have an official houseboat theme song. But our camera dept is minus a camera right now, so houseboat pix will b delayed until further notice. This is a picture of us when we managed that farm.
Lots of houseboats on the docks have a whale motif going on, and so does ours. The front door has a flat metal whale on a loop, and that's what visitors and traveling salesmen use 2 knock on the door. So Rich decided his new name should be Dick Whaleknocker. "Hi, Dick Whaleknocker here, at your service."
No tour or shows or anything...2 busy hoping i sleep 2nite(cant find the ambien.).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

u have to have a fly's eye to see it

"Flies are all around me
Scratching up and down me
I just took a bath but they dont seem to mind". So sayeth Mark Bingham, during the Screaming Gypsy Bandits time. That's a fly on R's lips ewwwww.
Moving day is tomorrow. The mothership b floatin' and shit. Flip movies as soon as.
Well, i gotta go, my new posse is waiting 4 me.
And how YOU doin'?

Friday, November 06, 2009

massage in a bottle

This moving thing can kinda get 2 u at times. Today, got a little choked up saying goodbye to a certain someone's 16 oz. methadone bottle. I felt a little romantic and nostalgic when i came across it in a drawer i was cleaning. It's got his name on it and everything. Sure i coulda sold it on ebay, except i dont know how 2 use ebay and r says ebay is over anyway. Goodbye amber glass bottle.


These pix were taken at Lake Merced by Patti Perret when she and Mark Bingham visited A&R in SF in the 80s.
Put in some time on the houseboat yesterday, and learned from one of the neighbors that if we hear munching, it's the sound of raccoons eating mussels during low tide. Crazy, pops! (That's what Dave Mahoney always used 2 say. I'm assuming it's a quote from an R Crumb character.)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

time marches fucking on

Talked to mister nancy (above). We were on the phone while she was getting dressed. She finally decided on a black mesh top that dates all the way back to when she played bass in the ACCband. She said, "It still fits me and other than my crocs, it's the best $15 i ever spent." Mister really cracks me up.
Axed R 2 roll some doobage---he used a recent issue of AARP---and he said "yeah, i used to use album covers to do this, and now..."

ride your pony

Still going thru old photos. So far, over 3000 have been scanned. The 3000 pix when they were in photo-books took up 4 shelves, each shelf about 3 feet wide. Now the pix r rubber-banded together, living in an old ACCband road case, ready 2 b moved onto the houseboat.
Still hundreds more 2 b taken out of books and sent to SCANMYPHOTOS.COM.
OK kids, gotta go!

Monday, November 02, 2009

rasta hoy

Natty dread dont fuss and him dont like 2 muss.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

post halloween meltdown

The Stimboleum has been on a serious weight-loss program for days now. (A complete list of things gotten rid of will be provided soon.)
Here's a shout-out to Bro. Don Ciccone...hey Don! Keep an eye out 4 more VU offerings left at your front door. And nae offense (i hope) if they were gifts from u; A&R will be sharing a closet on the houseboat so we r in a brutal stuff-reduction situation.
Well, gotta go, the kids r waiting 4 me.