Tuesday, June 30, 2015

the dancer disappeared

Had a dream i was with Dean Wareham in the wings at a Dean Wareham or Luna show and we
were side-by-side jumping up and down to the music,  arms linked. "Wha?" u may be asking. (Or not. -Ed.) "If Dean was on stage performing how could he also have been with u on the side of the stage?"  But in the dream i didnt question the situation. I was having so much fun.
As it turns out, the "Dean" i was with wasnt Dean at all, but someone who looked slightly like him. Ever so slightly. Ok, just barely.  I felt like such a fool when others realized that my misperception had been so complete.  Later i looked for the guy but couldnt find him.
And then ACC woke up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

my red joystick

Hello hello hello. Finally finished listening to the Joe Eszterhas book. 28 hours! He's pretty crazy alright. Or was anyway. Health issues forced him to clean up. When he lived in Cali he made fun of ppl who ate healthy foods, now he's a juice-aholic instead of an alcoholic. He also hated that in Cali u really cant smoke in public places, later he went on a campaign for Hollywood to stop filming actors smoking.
Next up in ACC's listening library is The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans. Turns out most industry ppl love, or at least are fond of Bob, which is not the case for Eisner, Ovitz, the Weinsteins, etc.  Bob narrates his book. I listened to a preview, sounds like his false teeth are loose or something. Kind of shoddy production which is weird, considering he's such a stickler for production details. Hey what's this? Better put it in my que too.
Very very windy in the Bay Area since May, ol' ACC apparently has developed an allergy to all the pollen and dust being blown all over the place, resulting in coughing spasms that sound like a dog barking.
OK gotta go, it's dinner time then a bike ride.  See u next Wednesday.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

the face u make when...

One day late on promised once-a-week post, so sue me i cant remember every little thing. U know when u hear someone say something and u never 4get it? There was a wacky couple in our neighborhood, they walked around drinking these colorful super-sized radioactive-looking drinks in plastic bottles, pretty disfunctional to say the least, and they would argue and scream at each other, with her walking behind him yelling at him in front and him yelling at her behind him. Once we heard her yell up ahead "So sue me i cant remember every little thing!"
Had a more than wonderful trip to the beach in Pt. Reyes with loved ones, it was a sparkling sparkling sparkling sparkling day.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy googling myself. Ah jeez, 'Twee Wave'?   and while it's hot, just $40!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a week of wednesdays

My old neighbor Mrs Doyle (r.i.p.) used to say, "I'm havin' a week of Wednesdays." No matter how i tried to convince her and logic her out of it, she truly couldnt believe that every day had not been Wednesday.
Anyway, Wednesday is my new publish day,  once a week.   And sorry about not being around here much.  Dont want o disappoint my reader,  i mean readers.
Been pretty active on instagram (@angelcorpuschristi) if u feel like killing time there.
See u next week. x0x

Thursday, June 04, 2015