Tuesday, January 31, 2006

debbl with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress


When A&R first moved to SF, they stayed in a funky motel at the beach, at the end of the streetcar line. What they didnt know was, prostitutes used the motel as their "office". So all night long, the sound of the ladies' high-heels click clicked up and down the metal stairs, right outside A&R's window. One night, A&R heard a client say to one of them, "you go up first so i can look up your dress." You know how sometimes you over-hear something and you never4get it? This is one of those things.

The motel is still there, and even tho A&R arent touring, maybe somebody in the motel is going "around the world". heh heh. Posted by Picasa

i hate 2 see that evening sun go down


...but at least it is lighter later these days. with unbelievable sunsets, and sunrises. at this time of year, both are so colorful and glorious.

had a dream about hanging out with francis coppola and his daughter, sophia. she made us a fancy but austere soup and served teeny tiny portions in teeny tiny cups, like espresso cups. francis showed some of his movies, or actually, just PARTS of the movies. he would screen just a few minutes, then say THIS IS SUCH SHIT! and take it off, and put another one up,and then say the same thing. the weird thing is, the next morning, at yoga class, the teacher said "today at class, wouldnt it be perfect to play the music that appears at the end of godfather 3?"

i want cake from kriksa RIGHT NOW! what brought THAT on? oh, i see, my phone book is open in the "K" section. mmmm...want cake....feelin' like eric cartman! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006

the big picture


Have u ever been inside a camera obscura? It is trippy and peaceful and calm. Well, wait a minte. I just realized it wouldnt be trippy peaceful and calm if the camera were in an unpeaceful not-beautiful location. Anyway, what's really fun is2take someone in who has never been in one. Then u watch their face and that's the fun part.A&R are expecting a special guest in february, and this is one of the things we will show her. Too bad the Musee Mechanique isnt next to the Giant Camera anymore, we could take her there too. Well, we have a cd of the Sounds of the Musee Mechanique, we can play that for her at least. The Musee is now located near Fisherman's Wharf I think. Maybe we'll make it over there, but 5 days is such a short time when u r in the bay area because there is so much to see and do. Oh well, maybe on the next visit!!!

"Funny" tour story: For awhile, ACC played accordion at Ghiradelli Square...no singing, just solo accordion. And can u believe it, ol' Accordion Breath was asked to leave and not come back! The reason was that ACC did not pander to the crowd, u know, make dumb jokes and "relate" to the people, and some of the songs were melancholy or sad-sounding. And ACC was told that the merchants thought the accordion was chasing away customers! HA FUCKING HA!!! How funny is THAT? Still, it's always somewhat embarrassing 2b fired, even in situations where u didnt want 2b there anyway. Which was not the case at Ghiradelli...it was nice being outside playing music. ACC was constantly asked by the people passing by to play zydeco, which ACC doesnt know the first thing about. But wouldnt you like to hear FIRST AND LAST AND ALWAYS by the Sisters of Mercy instead? What about EAT THE RICH by Motorhead? IMAGINE by John Lennon? No? Well, ok then, what about GREENSLEEVES? No? NO??!! What the hell is wrong with you???
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

yes as a matter of fact i DO love lou reed


Hey yall. Got a good LOUIE LOUIE review in Signal To Noise. Coolness, as my friend george would say. Also heard from a long-lostie today! Will show u her picture later, and u will see why she is known as one of the cutest girls on earth...just scrumptious. Took an Ambien last nite. Gee i wish i could take one every night. Got up in the middle of the night and stumbled around the house it was SO FUN! Maybe every other night or so would be ok? Please enable me, somebody. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 23, 2006

look thru any window yeah, what do u see?


Uh oh,just realized i am repeating meself with the window thing. Oh well. R u reading anything interesting? I am. "Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin. She is autistic and works with animals. Just fascinating. As Dean Wareham would say, "it's a strange fascination." And speaking of Dean, be sure to watch for springtime tour dates for DEAN AND BRITTA, who will be out promoting their 2nd cd. Havent heard any of it yet, but it's gotta be glossy and superior. And speaking of things glossy and superior, i am painting the breakfast nook a color called LUCKY DUCK. And speaking of ducks...hmmm, guess i dont really have anything to say about ducks, except, please dont eat them. No tour, no tour story...2busy painting and reading. x0x0 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 21, 2006

do these hats make me look fat?


My hat it has 3 corners
3 corners has my hat
and had it not 3 corners
it would not be my (non-low fat) hat
These r super-deeeelish pasta hats, filled with ricotta cheese. The next step is, cover them with tomato sauce and bake. Speaking of baking, guess who does not wake and bake anymore? Or bake period. That's right, ACC. As Genevieve Waite said, "I got to pu-pu-put it down." No more safety meetings 4 me! No more 4/20 24/7. The good news is, i dont seem2care...no jonesin'! And speaking of safety meetings, here is a cute/funny tour story: In amsterdam, at a "coffee" bar, i axed did they have any humboldt, which was kind of a stupid question, since the menu listed dozens of exotic choices...i could have picked one of them. But no, i wanted me humboldt. So when i axed the guy behind the counter, he got all excited and said "no, do you?!" So that's your tour story for the day. Maybe that's what i'll do from now on...instead of saying "no shows/tour again2day", i can tell u a funny tour story.
Toodles4now! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

and i think i'm gonna crawl right thru your window


spring isnt here but the flowering trees are flowering and i want you. pizza4lunch sitting outside. got hair dye on my new asics. oh well. bffrich found a little lost dog, running scared. he held onto it until the owner showed up a few minutes later, and the owner said2the darling dog, "you are bad!" and so i had2say2the owner "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BAD." what's wrong with people anyway? sometimes i hate them. maybe i'm just hungry. better go get a tofu cutie out of the freezer. no show2nite btw. bye. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bff 4ever


what could be better than watching the sunset with your bff, then walking home...to NO CABLE!!!! that's right, no cable tv. they(comcast) can kiss our butts, then kiss our butts goodbye. maybe if everyone cancelled their cable, THINGS WOULD CHANGE!!! like maybe they wouldnt raise their rates to $84 a month for long-time subscribers, while giving new subscribers a rate of $29 per month. does that make sense 2 all yall? we say UCKFAY OOYAY to cable tv. but not to you. to you we say we may not be touring, but we still love yas.
p.s. can we come over and watch tv? Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

trapped in the closet like i'm r kelly


No time2blog and no time4telly. so i sure as hell dont have time2tour. went on a closet-cleaning binge, finally came out 2day. whew. does anyone want a sisters of mercy black,long-sleeved button-up shirt? says sisters of mercy in white letters on a front pocket, with the logo. kinda med/large. also found 4 valium i thought i'd lost. small potatoes but MY potatoes. found these cool white shoes. found 2 vintage luther blue tshirts. sorry if i seem a little distracted...ted nugent is on tv showing his hunting movies. with his dumb-ass wife. found a lock of hair from my old dog. :-( Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

no tour...just pizza


Ah-boe-ganza. Ah-bahn(?) ganza?...itsa great word even if mis-pronounced. And who can get tired of eating pizza? not me. unless it's the pizza in england. or maybe the bad pizza was in the netherlands? cant remember which was worse, whichever one had the very pink mystery meat. That, and the butter on top of your breakfast coffee, whew, THAT was tough. This picture reminds me of the first time i had pizza, back in the early 1900's...i thought the mozzarella on top was fried eggs. These days, i believe u can order pizza with quail eggs on top, or robin's eggs, something like that. ok, goodbye from Pizzabreath. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

untouched by human hands


Hello. This photo has not been altered. My non-tour schedule remains unaltered as well. Does it count that i sat on the side of the bed and played a bitchin' solo version of ME AND MY BERETTA? oh, ok...that's what i thought. It was still fun tho. Whilst(I heard someone say that today, instead of "while") playing, recalled playing a bitchin' live version on the BBC in Manchester. Fun. Also recalled that once, whilst being interviewed on the radio by i think the Dutch or the Germans, they accidentally called it ME AND MY UMBRELLA and felt bad for making a live, on-air mistake, but we thought it was funny and maybe performed it that way for them. Either we did or i just remember that we did. Either way...have a nice day. And have a nice tour if you r touring. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 09, 2006



RatGirl is in Cali and we couldnt be happier about that. The Stimboleum hosted a little party with RatGirl and her 3friends, all semi-famous/soon-2-be famous. And 2day we will party with Ratty in Berkeley. Then she goes back2Brooklyn,where, hopefully, she will blog. Princess RatGirl, your readers r waiting!!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006



BffRich was having trouble with his ipod, then this symbol mysteriously appeared on his hand. Freaky, right? This is not a joke/photo-shop thing. As george carlin would say, "Weird".

No tour or shows coming up. Who needs it. Download si, tour no. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

j 1,06

Happy New Year from A and R (pictured above). No show this new year's. Stayed home and listened to Dean Wareham instead...no new year's eve show for him either. Maybe Roky Erickson had a show...he's been playing in Austin lately. Check out the Austin Chronicle for info and new pix of Roky! He looks really good. Healthy! Well, gotta go finish filling in my new address book. My big event, as Craig Leon would say!