Thursday, August 26, 2010

lou reed rock dream #3,798

Had a dream i watched Lou Reed running with the bulls. I guess because of all the Warhol images hanging around in my head from viewing the Fisher Collection the other day, and with Lou always being in the top drawer in my brain, i must have crossed all that with the Lee Krasner title "Polar Stampede" and ended up seeing Lou in a stampede. The even more amazing thing was i could watch a replay. Or i should say replays. In my dream i kept backing it up and watching the slo-mo, and listening to the commentator who was just as excited as i was. Lou was last among all the ppl, which meant he was first from the bulls' point of view. Omg i was so fucking nervous and kept asking why is he in this position instead of in a safer position? And where was Laurie? Couldnt she have prevailed and talked him out of the whole thing? When the bulls started running i could barely watch, but Lou took off like a streak, burying himself in the crowd, and the bulls split into 2 groups, one on Lou's left and the other group on his right, and they all ran right by him. Then A woke up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cry warhol

So yeah, seeing the Fisher collection was maybe life-altering. In ways i cant really explain. Immediately after seeing it, i was kind of babbling, or as Luther Blue's mother would say, "blabble-ing." But as the day became evening the emotion of all the pictures was kind of stacking up on me and i felt like i wanted 2 b silent. (Now if u could just hit the mute button on that accordion. -Ed.)
And the topper is i saw it with Linda A, the perfect person to see it with. Articulate and knowledgable about modern art, she pointed out that some paintings' images were symbolic. Like when i was standing in front of a painting that depicted 2 ppl toiling hard in a field, one of them butchering an animal, her take was that the scene was referencing World War II and Nazi-ism. Veddy inta-estink. That painting may have been by Georg Baselitz but i'm not sure.
This post is long but ima keep going even tho at lunch today A and R and El Guerin made fun of ppl whose posts r 2 long.
I cried in the Warhol room and I could have looked at POLAR STAMPEDE by Lee Krasner until closing time. Seeing only this painting would be worth the price of admission. I found it hard to walk away from and noticed that other ppl were having the same problem. One patron dealt with it by backing away so he didnt have to turn his back on it. It's like a million billion micro-paintings, u could just look at one corner for days.
Post Modern Idyll is trippy. Did u ever take an hallucinatory
substance and then with your arty pals, sit around the table, crinkle up aluminum foil then sort of flatten it out again, not too much tho, then cover it with a piece of paper then rub the paper with a pencil and see what comes up? That's what Idyll looks like. And with its 3-d black and white frame, it's all just too much. We laughed at that one, and we felt happy in the Ellsworth Kelly room.
In the museum gift shop i wanted everything and i hate when i feel like that. I restricted my purchases to a triple-Elvis Tshirt for Rich and a postcard for Pinky. I passed on a cool Calder-esque mini-mobile that u could hang postcards from. It was displayed with postcards of paintings in the Fisher exhibit. It'd be a nice way to keep the show fresh in my mind. (Mind? Did u say "Mind"? Puh-leeze. -Ed.)
Go see the show, it starts traveling soon. Sadly, after this tour the collection is being broken up. This show is the last time the collection will be shown in its entirety. :-(

Monday, August 23, 2010

full up

Viewed the Fisher collection at moma in san francisco today. Maybe i'll b able 2 say something intelligible about it tomorrow, but not right now. It's pretty overwhelming, especially after, when the whole thing kinda creeps up and stacks up on u. It'd be great to see it with the staff over at Popwars. And of course i'd love to see it with Bruce "the Bruiser" Anderson. Ima call hith ath tomorrow and make a date.
Later people.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

still gone

Sorry it's been so long. As William Burroughs said "Cant...get it up." Sadly, I'm here today only to change the spooky picture below which R found disturbing and depressing to look at every day. Hanging up now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

where am i?

Jeez i'm still gone. Wtf? (And why is this picture so big?)
I mean, it's not like i have nothing 2 write about. I could tell u about my one day of jury duty concerning a stalker case, when a lady in the court room called the judge "Judge Judy" loud enough for all 125 of us to hear (the judge was a man btw) or the guy who stood up and spouted and sputtered that one didnt need a cell phone or email to stalk from prison, that the best way to accomplish stalking from prison would be to use astral projection, and ended by yelling "It's all there on my website!" So yeah, i could tell u about that. And i could also mention that the judge looked alot like Andy Dick. Hmmmm, maybe i'm getting back into the swing of things here. But i think i'll say "to be continued" and get backatcha later. I hope u've missed me. I've missed u.

Thursday, August 05, 2010