Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I'm not crazy about Keith's new teeth, i preferred his old ones.  Anyway, we'll all get a good look at the 2.0 chomps on September 18 when Netflix releases a docu on the making of Keef's new album.

Saw the JMW Turner exhibit today.  Most of the paintings had overly fancy bright gold frames that seemed to restrict or one-up the  magical glowing light coming from within the work.  The fancy frames also made fancy shadows on the wall.
The water colors were presented in a simpler way that allowed the power of the light within to come flying out toward you.  They actually looked like they were in a lightbox.

Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy thinking of Turner and all of his impossibly beautiful images.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

son of mx-80

Meet Nico Sophiea, son of MX-80 bass player Dale Sophiea and the beautiful Elania Nanopoulos.
What a huge kick it is to have him playing drums on the soon-to-be-unleashed MX project.  Hey Neekster, enjoy your trip to Greece, and safe travels.
Anyway, still no tour or shows or anything for me, too busy waiting for pizza.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

breakfast club

So the big excitement last Sunday was A&R hosted Shellac and crew and opening act for a smashin' breakfast on the houseboot. It was a sunshiney sparkling morning.  We had a full menu to get them going strong for their busy day ahead:  a self-serve toasting station for bagels with creamed cheese, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion; another station for granola, yogurt, almond milk and fruit (Todd: "Granola! Toasted just the way i like it.");  various cold drinks; vegetarian breakfast burritos; and coffee and a mega pile o' donuts. When i realized later in the morning that i had forgotten to put out the $40 worth of olives i had bought with Steve in mind (Steve loves olives) he hugged me and said "Next time."
After breakfast R and the group except for Steve took the van to Mill Valley so Todd could see the giant redwoods.  Steve wanted to look at houseboats so I took him on a walking tour of several houseboat docks and he saw this blue heron.

Here's Bob enjoying the redwoods.

And here's Todd enjoying the redwoods.

In case u've never seen a Shellac performance, check this out. They have fun.
Anyway it was great to see the band again.  Here's to more sold-out shows guys!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

clapton is good

Did u ever wonder how Eric Clapton got the nickname 'Slowhand'?
When he first started playing in public he'd break strings and since he didnt have a second guitar the show would have to stop while he changed them. During these long pauses the audience would do this in-unison slow clapping thing called 'slow hand-clapping' which became 'Slowhand Clapton.'
I'm highly recommending his autobio even if u arent that interested in him. I never was a big Clapton fan but the book is so interesting u dont have to be a fan or even know who he is really. It's packed with recording and fashion details (and speaking of fashion look at JP!)  and lots about his early years.
Like Keef, Eric was extremely poor growing up. His family's house had no electricity and no indoor bathroom. The 'bathtub' was a metal basin nailed to the door of the outhouse.  He says he has no memory of ever taking a bath until he left home.
Anyway, still no tour or shows or anything...getting ready for a big day on Sunday.