Thursday, May 25, 2006

and we've got2get ourselves back2the garden


Is this the cutest lil gardener ever? It's Sasha of Cranberry Street! Hey Sasha, how's that carousel in your head? Is it late & you're still in bed? Oh Sasha cant u see, that u were meant4me, hey hey Sasha! ;-)

No tour or shows or anything...2bizzy preparing 4 an amtrak trip. With emphasis on the "rip". The cost is so far out of line with the product/service. Obscene really.
Why cant we have excellent train service like in the EU? Now THAT's train service. One of my best touring times was taking the super-fast train from UK to France and back, with bandmates and tour manager,Terry Razor...I remember sitting in my seat, spying on him reading his newspaper in the sun, which was coming in his window at a particular angle. He had booked rooms4 us at a farm/villa-kinda place in the country, with animals outside and marble floors inside. Posh. Our bandmates didnt like it tho because there was nothing to do there. In other words, no girls. No alcohol. What the hell kind of tour is this, they were wondering. Ha ha.

So there's your tour story 4 2day. Sure it happened 10 years ago...u gotta problem with that? :-) x0x0 Posted by Picasa

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