Friday, May 19, 2006

walkin' in north beach


Had a great north beach outing. Started at this bakery...ate some delicious pizza bread with tomato slices, oregano and lemon.

Then on to City Lights bookstore. Upstairs on the poetry floor, (yes, a whole floor devoted2poetry), there is an old wooden table with 2 mis-matched old wooden chairs, and a sign, written in pencil on a paper bag...SIT DOWN AND READ. While i was standing there being overwhelmed by the vibe that is city lights,a little elf-door opened, and Ferlinghetti walked into the room! It was like a magic trick, b/c the door is so small and he's kinda burly. And above the door was a poster for one of his books, I AM THE DOOR. Trippy.

Walked back up the hill to Coit Tower. Actually went inside for the first time, it is amazing in there. The walls are covered in murals. In the gift shop, i looked for one of those little license plates with the name SASHA printed on it, but, nope, none there.

So, no tour or shows or anything...2busy walking around aimlessly in north beach. Ciao yall. Posted by Picasa


le monde moderne said...

I used to think of City Light books as some Mecca of beatness. This army brat that I met in high school used to bring "Howl" and "A Coney Island of the Mind" to school and let me read them... hmmm, maybe that's why I'm such a freek. :-)
I still like to pick up City Lights and New Directions paperbacks when I cruise the used books stores...

Rich said...

yeah, i remember yvonne, this wild girl in high school, she showed me pix of beatnix and told me who they were and stuff. In 1962 or 63 maybe. She turned me on to madras too, and showed me how2play the bongoes.