Thursday, November 30, 2006



Hello peoples. End of november. And speaking of november, did u ever see that movie SWEET NOVEMBER starring sandra dennis? the stars were visible through the ceiling in her apartment. Julie from THE MOD SQUAD had a nice apartment too, with a cool little entry area (ooooh).

No tour or shows or anything...2busy applying skin-lightening lotion. Posted by Picasa


mariposa said...

U.S. studies have linked it with leukemia, liver damage, and thyroid disorders.

i used it this morning.

MrsModern said...

Hey that looks just like the dog that lives with butch and I. Louie has a goofier smile though.

Rich said...

lucky! they r GREAT dogs. love to louie.

MrsModern said...

Not so lucky when vacuuming though. They only shed twice a year...Jan through June and then again in July through December. LOL !! While cleaning today I think I would sell him for $ .02..
BTW we are enjoying the cds a lot, thanks, I adore your choice of material.