Wednesday, April 09, 2008

accordion-o-rama bamma lamma fa fa fa

Hello all u accordion lovers. U ARE all accordion lovers, right? Right?! I got a myspace friend request from this guy the other day. Wow. So beautiful. I am in awe. (No shock, just the awe part.)
And if u ever wanted 2 see hundreds of accordions all in one place, check this out the next time u r in New Jersey. The ppl there r great 2 deal with and it's tres exciting to be in the middle of all these accordions. So many different looks, so many sounds!
And speaking of sounds, i'm annoyed with hearing all the "weather bias" (new word;i just coined it)from the dumb-ass talking heads on tee-wee. Instead of just reporting the weather, they feel compelled to say things like "and here's the rain we warned u about", or "the rain we were afraid of will arrive tomorrow morning". Warned us about? Afraid of? It's especially annoying to hear them diss rain when everyone knows we need the rain. I dont know. Is it just me, or do u get my point? Why put a negative spin on weather? I mean, if a tornado is coming, or a flood, ok, yeah, THAT is unpleasant weather.
Annnnnnyway, (as Sunshine would say)no tour or shows or anything...2busy ordering these really cute pants from urban outfitters.
And how YOU doin'?

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sasha said...

1. i totally agree about the weather bias on the news. i enjoy looking at weather predictions online.
2. i love your new pants.