Wednesday, April 23, 2008

can i go 2 church yall

Hello. I stopped into a church i passed along the way in Larkspur. I didnt get down on my knees and pray tho. It was nice and quiet, no one was in there and i noticed that along the back wall there were 2 sets of 3 confessional booths. The middle door in each set had a light above it, like in a recording studio, and i confess that i couldnt help but wonder what an accordion would sound like in there, both out in the room in general, but also inside the little booths. I bet each booth has its own sound. Honk if u love accordions!!!
Have u been keeping up with Dean Wareham's successful book tour? He's so attractive, reading the excerpts with a dyn-o-mite combination of fear and fearlessness. I just love it when u can tell he's a little scared, a little embarrassed. Honk if u love DW!
No tour or shows or anything...2busy looking down at my new red sweater.
And how YOU doin?

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