Sunday, December 06, 2009

dial M for Morphine

Still going thru stuff after the big move; found a diary from 1991. Here r 2 excerpts:
Tuesday June 2
"Went to Nancy's last night, drank M cough syrup. Didnt feel that high but at 7 am this morning when i got up to go to work, i was sick as a dog. A green dog. Couldnt make it to work. Went back to sleep til 5 pm. Had a huge headache whenever i would stand up."

Wednesday June 3
"Played solo accordion at an artyfarty event at deYoung Museum. Still high as hell. Philip was there and he said 'Honey you look just terrible.'
Played from 6 til 7:30 pm. Back at home, finally started feeling more normal and R said it was nice to be able to talk to me again. Apparently i hadnt spoken since Monday night. The only thing i had said was, when R asked me if i had a headache, i answered "How can i have a headache when i dont have a head?"
I'm so out of practice, i could never do shit like that now. Ick.

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