Saturday, October 15, 2011

nancy kravitz enter and sign in please

Hello. Mister Nancy stopped by NON TOUR's Sausalito headquarters on the way to a bass-player audition at Proof Lab. I sort of even hate 2 tell u what happened it's kind of sad, but at the same time it was also kind of funny.
So, as we r getting out of my car I say "Nancy, maybe it's better the guy doesnt see me, know what i mean?" She says, "oh yeah, u mean the age thing?" Yeah, the age thing. So we decided I'd help her carry her gtr and stuff only part way to the door. Because the band is you know, like young guys. "Oh, is that your mom who dropped you off?"
But b4 i could set her amp down and beat it, the guy came out and saw us standing there in the parking lot. Nancy says to me, "Dude, uh, he sees us." So the guy walked over to us and started to introduce himself, but Nancy answered a call right as he was putting his hand out to shake hands. So 2 be polite i chatted a bit with him but finally i said goodbye and got in my car. As i was driving away, i looked back but couldnt see if she was still on the phone or not. Mister Nancy: To Know Her Is To Love Her.


mister said...

right back at ya...was great to see you...xox

ht said...

Mr. Nancy for Plesident