Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy birthday jenny hall (with several mentions of Steve Albini in a shameless effort to boost my google analytics)

A and R have known Jenny since her high-school days. She was great 2b with then, and the same is true 2day. She is a mighty impressive young lady, y'all. Once when Shellac were visiting A and R, Jenny was at the house and after hanging out for awhile, Steve and Todd told Jenny that she gave them hope for the future. See what i'm sayin'?

A and R had just gotten the book The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices, and Jenny was reading it silently to herself and every once in awhile she'd pipe up, "Oh my god!", or "What?!" Finally, after another outburst Steve said "What did u just read?" Jenny got all shy and started stammering and her face turned red and Steve, bless his heart, quietly said to her "That's ok, dont embarrass yourself, you dont have to read it." I really liked Steve for being like that.

Jenny lives in NY these days,  and right about now should be seriously celebrating in the ballroom of the Jane Hotel. Happy Birthday Jimmy!

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