Friday, February 17, 2012

story of O

I remember reading The Story of O a long(Oooooh. -Ed.) time ago.  Ppl 2day wouldnt think it's a hot book but back then it was, i think. Or maybe it still is, i should re-read it.
There r a few different movie versions, this 70s-looking one looks downright cute.
And speaking of cute, who knew that Hunter Thompson was such a sweet guy? See for The Rum Diary and check out the 2 extra features which deal with the editing process to turn the book into a film, you'll see what i mean.
In one of the extra features, Johnny Depp reads a letter that Hunter had written to Keith Richards. It says something like, (sorry 4 crap paraphrasing) "Keith, why cant you lead a top-notch band? Mick does it, Eric does it, why cant you?" It's hilarious.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy with my chicken (I never get tired of him).

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