Monday, October 29, 2012

caught me looking

I'm not a baseball fan and totally not interested in baseball players but whoa how fucking cute is Sergio Romo? I got all caught up in the World Series the last few days, and now here i am surfing the interwebs for pix of Sergio instead of being outdoors in the Indian summershine.
Oh look, here's somebody else blogging instead of living.
Also watched a tiny bit of the post-game action in the Giants' locker room.  Gee i didnt know what a jizz-fest these celebrations r -- the team shaking champagne bottles then spraying the white foam all over each other.  But I guess they cant really do the real thing, at least not on national television.
And is Sergio somebody's babydaddy?  Even hotter!
No tour or shows or anything...2busy strapping one on.  :-)

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carlos tropicana said...

giddy up! jizz fest!