Wednesday, October 03, 2012

yeah, dont blame THEM

Been listening to Our Inner Ape and am reminded of something i heard Slow Peter say one day outside Java Beach. ("Slow" because of a bike accident he had when he was a kid). "My own relative, the chimpanzee".
Looking around the interwebs for an app that allows one to watch a sound file run along the bottom of the screen during the debate tonite, but havent come up with anything.  There's a fascinating section of De Waal's book that deals with the pitch of a speaker's voice and how the speaker does or doesnt change pitch depending on who, well, i wish u would read the book because i feel like i'm over-simplifying/under-explaining the pitch thing.
This just in: R is in the Berkeley office 2day, and reports that as he greets each co-worker, he feels just like a chimp.


The Dear Rich Staff said...

here's a link to that spectra; analysis article:

The Dear Rich Staff said...

And then there's the complete study: