Thursday, November 15, 2012

and down for you is up

Hello. It's not a good idea to kayak underneath the docks, but it sure is fun to go down there to get that unique perspective. Not a good idea because there r ropes and cables and lines under the docks that could be accidentally pulled out (hate when that happens. -Ed.) by a clueless paddler.
Heard a live version of Pale Blue Eyes at a cafe the other day, it was the most beautiful sound. The cafe was crowded and noisy, but still, the chords, the tambourine and the general feeling of the song came thru so clearly.  Touching gtr solo, and it's gotta be the best love song evah:

 "It was good what we did yesterday
   and i'd do it once again
   the fact that u r married only proves you're my best friend
   but it's truly truly a sin
   linger on..."

No tour or shows or anything...2busy giving myself a seizure.

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Paul Dodd said...

I want to go under the docks.