Friday, November 09, 2012

in my sailor's suit and cap

Today is Friday which means 3 hours of fun listening to the PURE show on WPKN. I really liked Sophie Madeline's song 'Stars'. It's so excellently recorded, so personal, it sounded like Sophie was here performing it live.
It makes me dizzy to think that the VU is having a 45th anniversary. But they are. So DJ Hoto   played a version of Heroin that gave me chills, almost like i really was rushing on my run, etc. Even if Heroin was an instrumental, it'd be hard to not be affected by it. The chords, the viola and drums add up to something i cant really describe that gets me every time.
And speaking of herriman, back in the old days ol' ACC was passing time in a swing seat at a playground, gently swinging back and forth,  and fell face-first into the dirt.  Fun times!
And speaking of Lou Reed, Kurt Gottschalk is suppozeably working on a new Lou Reed manifesto. If u remember, Kurt gave ol' ACC a great review of Louie Louie when it first came out.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy working on being more accommodating.

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