Wednesday, June 14, 2006

here's where it all began...


Hey yall. This is my Uncle Lyle, who i visited in Michigan, playing a ukelele that he made. That's right, he MADE it. He lived with us when yours truly was a kid, and he was the one who showed me what cool was all about. He was a teenager with maximum style...the hair, the shoes, the pimpdaddy outfits, the 45s, the cars, and of course, the girls girls girls. When he would babysit us, he wasnt supposed to have girls in the house, so his work-around was to hang out with them (if ya know what i mean) in his salmon&white crown victoria convertible, which he kept parked in our front yard. And i would watch from the living-room window. ha ha!

He bought all the latest 45s, and i can still see some of the lables spinning around and around on the little turntable. One of my favorite labels2watch was KING. It was a pretty color, purple-blue with a silver crown, and the font of the word KING was beautiful. And of course, SUN. All the early Elvis. (P.S. to Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips... Please, WHEN r u going2record LOVING YOU?)

Then of course, he taught me how to dance, which got me into trouble when i did The Chicken at school. I guess "they" thought i was 2 young 2 b shakin' booty. I remember them acting shocked, and i didnt know why, and still didnt get it after my talking-to in the principal's office. They said it was a dirty dance and i shouldnt do it anymore. ha ha!!! Too late! I was already corrupted!

So anyhoodle, just about every musician can point to somebody who got them going on music, who was an early influence, right? So all u guitar-totin' accordion-wieldin' freaks, say thanx to your OWN Uncle Lyle, and to MY Uncle Lyle, i say "thanx a million, and keep on rockin' in the free world!" x0x0 Posted by Picasa

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