Thursday, August 26, 2010

lou reed rock dream #3,798

Had a dream i watched Lou Reed running with the bulls. I guess because of all the Warhol images hanging around in my head from viewing the Fisher Collection the other day, and with Lou always being in the top drawer in my brain, i must have crossed all that with the Lee Krasner title "Polar Stampede" and ended up seeing Lou in a stampede. The even more amazing thing was i could watch a replay. Or i should say replays. In my dream i kept backing it up and watching the slo-mo, and listening to the commentator who was just as excited as i was. Lou was last among all the ppl, which meant he was first from the bulls' point of view. Omg i was so fucking nervous and kept asking why is he in this position instead of in a safer position? And where was Laurie? Couldnt she have prevailed and talked him out of the whole thing? When the bulls started running i could barely watch, but Lou took off like a streak, burying himself in the crowd, and the bulls split into 2 groups, one on Lou's left and the other group on his right, and they all ran right by him. Then A woke up.


Nsna Lorna said...

- instant replay and slo-mo in dreams !
... there are times that feature would be very helpful ! -
also, the happy ending part !

pinky said...

missed you at the 45th

Paul said...