Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello. Finished the Keith Richards book 2day. (dosent this picture of Keef look like R?) Never did find out about the spooky descending riff at the end of 19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. I kept hoping ol' Keef was gonna explain how it was done or how he came up with it, but no luck. I really just want to hear the gtrs now, without vocals. Nae offense, Brenda.
Also finished shopping at Fresh Organics in Sausalito. For good. I knew all 8 Bay Area stores had been bought by a huge corporation, but didnt know until yesterday that the big corporation was the Mormons. I aint givin' no mo money to them. And I didnt know they have also bought up so many of the herbal supplement companies. It's tough 2 b a conscientious shopper these days, there's so much to keep up with. 4 sure i dont want my dinero being passed along to this campaign. (Nice pants, Mitt. -Ed.)
No tour or shows or anything...2busy resting up after long walk in the Headlands.


mxrich said...

actually Utah's relationship with the health food/herbal supplement industry is complicated. Nutraceutical, who owns Realies, has ties with Bain, an investment company that Mitt used to run and is populated with Mormons (including former SF footballer Steve Young!). But Utah's Mormons encourage herbal medicine, and so Utah more than any state encourages herbal supplements and gives tax breaks to these companies which is why so many are located in Utah.
Fascinating? not really. More interesting .. a recent study showed that atheists were more familiar with religion and religious history than Christians, Jews, Mormons, etc. The more you know, the less you care!

pinky said...

amen, baby