Tuesday, February 08, 2011

take me down little susie

Watched the movie LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE ROLLING STONES last night and as a result, today i cant even think straight. (Today? -Ed.) My recommendation: click to buy, dont rent it. I'm talkin' about all-over-body-chills. It's hard(that's what SHE said) to remember that back then the Stones were so small and rinky dink. No back-up singers and the stages r so tiny, Her Majesty has very little room to move round. So not that much prancin' and dancin' goes on but what does go on is so much better: u get to see the good times, when the Glimmer Twins actually made eye contact and flashed each other these big smiles.
And it's b4 Keith got his teeth fixed my god he is so cute with those rotten ones. Anyway it's pretty exciting and i got all carried away. So much so that last night my room-mate said "no more singing."
OK, but i'm still singing on the inside.

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pinky said...

thank gawd for video archives.