Thursday, April 14, 2011

bruce anderson in the house

Except these arent Bruce's pedals, i just wanted to use this picture of all the Boss gear. Bruiser prefers him some Pete Cornish.
I like to think of Pete and his wife in their ivy-covered cottage in the UK, hand-crafting these pedals. People living in the woods making stuff is always pretty cool.
I usually get scared when i'm in the woods tho, especially at night. A and R were overnight guests at a cabin in the woods a few years ago and the hosts played the movie I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, which has alot of footage of a woman running for her life in the woods, being chased my some maniac or another. Like alot of people living in the woods, our hosts didnt have curtains at the windows. Scary. And if i remember correctly, R was also getting kind of uncomfortable. So to lighten things up he kept referring to the movie as I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVY, which did help quite a bit! Thanks R! (Here's R with ACC and Herb Alpert).
So yeah, it was really great to have Bruce back on the boat. See u next session, Bruiser.

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mxrich said...

i stopped eating gravy after watching that movie