Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i look down and my shoes are so far away from me

In other news, i've been made administrator of my own Facecrack page, and I'm thinking this could be the perfect opportunity to dump it. Yay!

I was pleasantly surprised and flattered when a certain someone put the page up awhile back, but lately fb doesnt bring me anything but down.  But did the certain someone hand it over to me because i said that i hated him for being younger than i am? I hope not. I was jk but kidding around online doesnt always translate. Now i'm all paranoid and shit.
And anyway, Dean Wareham has zero fb presence, or as he put it, in that very Dean Wareham-way of his, "I have yet to join." So maybe i'll unjoin.

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pinky said...

just say no to FB