Friday, September 14, 2012

did i tell u i'm in a band? yeah, and i can do handstands too

Hi. It's Friday again, time for another v.entertaining PURE show, this week featuring the Cramps on every other song. A Crampathon!
When ACC was performing live, I loved doing Cramps songs. The songs never failed to get the crowd going crazy and R's hypnotizing, primitive guitar playing incited them even more. We warmed up for Lux and Ivy one Halloween in San Francisco and after the show we visited them at the Phoenix with HT. No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, but plenty of vegan snacks and chips and stuff like that and a container of brown rice. And very quiet. Apparently we were the only ones to be invited. HT stole a used Q-tip out of their bathroom trash;it had been used to apply sparkly green eye-shadow.
No tours or shows or anything...2busy trying to stay upright.

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