Monday, December 02, 2013

horsehair in the plaster

Just started this audiobook, it is so entertaining.  All these names from the past, disc jockeys, promoters, managers, everybody who was in the scene back then, musicians. At the time everyone took it 4 granted, we were just there, driving around Detroit and Ann Arbor, dancing in the strobelights,  but these days it's fully acknowledged what a truly explosive influential thing it all was.
I love hearing the names of the venues, i was there at all of them. At the Grande one night, admission $2!, Santana came on stage. My whatever had fully kicked in and I was ready for some big sounds, big action. I was used to being transported by The 5,  having my head blown off by the Stooges. Ugh, I couldnt stand the sound of Santana and so spent their set in the bathroom.
One interesting tidbit among the many:  the Grande sounded so good because there was horsehair in the plaster.  Who knew?
No tour or shows or anything...2busy hoping u all had a nice holiday.

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Peggi said...

Thanks for sending this. What a blast from the past. I went there in high school. You were supposed to be 18 but I managed to get in. I vividly remember the room and those arches!