Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This worker is pointing out the path to the magnolia gardens in Golden Gate Park's arboretum. He looked like a young David Hockney.
The Hockney exhibit had its last day recently and is in the weeks-long process of being packed for shipment to its next destination.
Since seeing the Hockney show together awhile back, CIWT and ACC have been curious about
the handling, packing, shipping, unpacking and hanging of the Hockney show.  So many pieces. All that tech gear.  So at the museum today it was pretty exciting to spy all of these boxes and packing supplies in a roped-off area at the entrance/exit to the Hockney rooms.  ACC managed to get this shot b4 being politely chased off. Hopefully CIWT will discuss.  Maybe she'll also report on how we were terrorized by a squirrel.

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