Sunday, May 18, 2014

i'm no (catholic) schoolboy but i know what i like

Trying to emulate the photos of P Doddy, i took a buncha shots of this red dumpster out behind Heath Ceramics.  Didnt Bresson say u should take only one shot per subject?  I can never manage to do that.
Actually went to a party last nite, held in a huge ultra-beautiful house with a shiny black grand piano and lots of bedrooms and couches and dishes and chairs and tables and books and artwork and plants and packed with people. An Edwardian house, all the wood except for the floors had been painted an uplifting white that brightened things up and kept the house from feeling spooky. Sneaked out after 3 hours which i prefer over interrupting the hosts to say goodbye. Everything was very welcoming and gorgeous but back at home it felt refreshing to be surrounded by one table, one bed and nothing on the walls except two portholes.


Paul Dodd said...

I am and I love that photo.

pinky said...

spot on

pinky said...

that house requires a lot of maintenance.