Tuesday, July 01, 2014

my new hat visits fort mason and the community gardens

And my new hat CANNOT WAIT to see this. U hear me? CANNNOT WAIT. I saw the movie so many times when it came out that i ended up memorizing every line of dialog.
"They're my girls, i'm goin' back in deh."
"Sal, Wyoming...it's not a country."
"You got kids?" Yeah, I got kids and I'd like to see them again." "You'll see them, I got no complaints against you whatso-ever. You wont fuck wit me, will ya?"
"Leon, did they give u a shot at the hospital?" "Yeah, what they shot me with was like unreal."
"Why rob a bank when you've got a sucker for a mother?"
"I bark. U see this man here? He bites."
Not all moviegoers appreciated when i would talk along with the characters but i felt compelled.  I wouldnt do that today tho;I'd like to think i'm more considerate now than i was then.
But!  At home, like right this minute, i can yell as loudly as i want to:  SONNY ALL THE WAY! HEY!  SONNY ALL THE WAY!
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy shape-shifting.

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