Friday, September 05, 2014

it tickle me down to my toes

So I'm riding along on my bike, wearing flipflops, and a guy rides up to me and says "Can i ask u a question?" My first impulse would be to say "fuck no" but i was trying to be polite, like maybe he was a tourist or lost or something so i sort of nodded yes.
Him: "May i compliment u on your feet?"
Me: "No, u dont really need to do that."
Him: "It's not about me, it's about u and your feet."
Oh jeesus the shit-heads i have to put up with i thought,  and rode away. THEN, the next day the same fool sees me on my bike, i'm wearing flipflops, he rides up next to me and starts mumbling "Excuse me, Miss. Um, excuse me please." I didnt acknowledge him at all but he kept at it and finally he says to himself, "Huh, i guess she must be hard of hearing."
I love this view of T.J. Nelsen's Marine Services out my window.


Paul Dodd said...

Beautiful palette in that view.

pinky said...

foot fetishist