Monday, October 06, 2014

on point

Pencils all sharpened, ready to record brilliant thoughts?  Check.
And speaking of brilliant, Terry Tolkin recently shared some info with me about Spacemen 3
with a promise of future installments.  Not sure if additional info from Terry will be for public knowledge but here's a cute story about Pete that doesnt violate anyone's privacy:  After a show at Bimbo's in San Francisco, Pete spent the night at A&R's place.  In the morning I offered fruit, cereal, almond milk, wheat grass shooters, stuff like that.  Pete looked at the array and said "When i stay at Dean's he makes boiled eggs for me."  "Well fine", i thought, "when u r at Dean's u can have that breakfast." But Pete was right, i should have been more prepared, like with beans and toast and ciggies and a pint and such.  Oh, and the eggs.
Later, maybe even a coupla weeks later, i discovered that Pete had left me a lovely present.   Tucked away in the back of a drawer was an industrial-sized empty Methadone bottle. Thanks mate!

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pinky said...

whatever happened to "when in Rome...." ?