Thursday, November 13, 2014

god's lonely man

Becoming obsessed all over again with Robert De Niro as i listen to De Niro: A Life. And why did i get rid of that giant-sized over-sized Raging Bull movie poster? I should have kept that, it was gorgeous.  This isnt it. Nor is this. Not this one either.
The book is pretty long, 21 hours,  but it keeps me real busy.
My favorite bits in the book reveal how Bob works to find and develop his characters, including notes he writes to himself: "always remember that lonely girl i saw on 15th Street,"  and his various methods of studying and working on characters' voices and accents.
Pale-skinned as a kid, Bob had a nickname around the neighborhood.  And hyper/sickly/nervous/asthmatic Martin Scorsese had a childhood nickname too:  Marty Pills,  because of all the medication he had to take.

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