Sunday, December 07, 2014

fly me through the storm and wake up in the calm

Big storm with high winds on its way to northern Cali. Being in a houseboat in the uber-wind (predicted to reach 50-70 mph on Wednesday/Thursday)) can be prittty gnarly.
And speaking of gnarly and windy, i see that ACC's first drummer is still rockin' her kit like there's no tomorrow. She's probably easier to get along with now that she's older? Fact remains, she is super-coordinated.
My favorite days with her were b4 she got the big full-on kit. Prior to that she stood up to play using an electronic pad. She was extra-cute behind that thing, dancing around, smiling and singing great backup vocals.
And speaking about standing up drumming, i just checked these gals out, i've been seeing them on instagram lately. And still speaking of drummers, i'm happy that Lee Wall will be joining Luna on the 2015 tour dates. Britta and Lee are my favorite Luna rhythm section. They sound so good together.

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pinky said...

great vid by Lucius