Saturday, March 28, 2015

but what's the difference between throwback thursday and flashback friday? and anyway isnt today saturday?

I've gone Instagram nuts. I follow a few dogs, particularly German shepherds (Hans, who has funny ears) and blue Australian cattle dogs (Lupe! She lives with a rabbit named Buns and a black cat named Barbara).  Monday is Muttbuttmonday, Tuesday is Tongueouttuesday. I think it's weird that ppl refer to themselves as the dogs' mom and dad.  And the dogs r their "children".
Then there are all the surfers. The movies they post r, as they say, "awesome, breh!" Saturdaynightrecords, u get to see all the vinyl ppl r listening to.  Usually the shot includes the front LP cover and the turntable.
Jacket in photo by BOY of London, circa 1980-something.  Gift from Luther Blue.


pinky said...

great jacket. Fabulous face. long lost friend.(LB)

pinky said...

omg the Guru Majaraji pin.

pinky said...

i love bangs