Tuesday, June 30, 2015

the dancer disappeared

Had a dream i was with Dean Wareham in the wings at a Dean Wareham or Luna show and we
were side-by-side jumping up and down to the music,  arms linked. "Wha?" u may be asking. (Or not. -Ed.) "If Dean was on stage performing how could he also have been with u on the side of the stage?"  But in the dream i didnt question the situation. I was having so much fun.
As it turns out, the "Dean" i was with wasnt Dean at all, but someone who looked slightly like him. Ever so slightly. Ok, just barely.  I felt like such a fool when others realized that my misperception had been so complete.  Later i looked for the guy but couldnt find him.
And then ACC woke up.

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pinky said...

dreaming is a free vacation, no reservations needed.