Wednesday, July 15, 2015

breakfast club

So the big excitement last Sunday was A&R hosted Shellac and crew and opening act for a smashin' breakfast on the houseboot. It was a sunshiney sparkling morning.  We had a full menu to get them going strong for their busy day ahead:  a self-serve toasting station for bagels with creamed cheese, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion; another station for granola, yogurt, almond milk and fruit (Todd: "Granola! Toasted just the way i like it.");  various cold drinks; vegetarian breakfast burritos; and coffee and a mega pile o' donuts. When i realized later in the morning that i had forgotten to put out the $40 worth of olives i had bought with Steve in mind (Steve loves olives) he hugged me and said "Next time."
After breakfast R and the group except for Steve took the van to Mill Valley so Todd could see the giant redwoods.  Steve wanted to look at houseboats so I took him on a walking tour of several houseboat docks and he saw this blue heron.

Here's Bob enjoying the redwoods.

And here's Todd enjoying the redwoods.

In case u've never seen a Shellac performance, check this out. They have fun.
Anyway it was great to see the band again.  Here's to more sold-out shows guys!

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