Saturday, October 10, 2015

cmon everybody cmon in angel's gonna show u how to do the swim

So grateful my parents provided swim lessons for us kids. I put those lessons to good use at the Carpinteria Community Pool last week. Imagine the view as u r swimming: huge huge Santa Ynez mountains huge huge clouds blue blue sky and tall tall palm trees. Unbelievably gorgeous AND! 'Layla' is playing on the loudspeakers.  Once in the pool i didnt want to get out.
Took a drive to Santa Barbara whoa. and had lunch at Mesa Verde,  the best vegetarian restaurant in the free world hands down; colorful, inventive organic plant-based food.
Worked on a fantasy of taking Bruce Anderson with us next time.  He could wear items from his white linen collection kindly chosen by his lovely M.
Dats it for now thanks 4 checking in. x0x


Paul Dodd said...

thanks for the update and swim lessons refresher

Paul Dodd said...

and damn, that postcard!

angel corpus christi said...

artwork courtesy of Moan On Studios. ;-)