Saturday, November 19, 2005



Went to Asilomar in Pacific Grove for 2 overnights. Asilomar is mostly for people attending conferences, and R noticed right away that the Justice Department was on a list of attendees posted at the guest check-in area. A womens' group was also there, u know, women with a "y"...womyn. Bad bad haircuts wandering around among the pine trees. A and R's room was in the building where some of the womyn's rooms were, and R noticed that none of them would make eye contact with him. Each building has a name, like SEA GALAXY, SAND, SURF, WHITECAPS, and a big common room, with giant-sized fireplaces, comfy chairs and sofas, a piano, and big potted plants like in Bloomsbury. The style is Arts and Crafts, so lots of dark wood everywhere.

On one of the nights, A&R joined 2 ladies in the common room of their building. R made a fire and kept it going for several hours. One of the ladies was English and one was Irish and they both had white hair. They sat in front of the fire on big leather sofas eating whole pieces of fruit, 2 little containers of yogurt, and crackers. R sat in a big rattan chair and had his headphones and lappie, and A sat in another big chair, crocheting a dark red scarf. The2ladies were reading aloud from a book about art, written from a cat's point of view. They summed it up by agreeing that the concept was a "lovely" one,and one of the ladies said "well, they know art, and they know cats." And the other lady said "Mmmm."

It seemed like there was so much2tell but now it seems like there isnt. There is a fantastic heated outdoor swimming pool. Maybe I'll remember more later. Oh yeah, they ring a bell at breakfast(7-9 am.), lunch (12noon-1pm) and dinner (6-7pm). And diners sit at large round tables. A&R were frightened of the way you are served your meals. Imagine like in a prison, you line up, and someone behind a thick wire screen, u cant really see them, slides a tray of food thru a slot and u pick it up. It was very very strange. So u dont see the food at all until it is pushed thru the slot. Gross. Needless2say, A&R went to Wholie's in Del Monte Center. Decided maybe we could do a Whole Foods' Tour! Tour only cities that have Whole Foods! Eat only at Whole Foods! Yay Wholie's! Yay Whole Paycheck! Yay Food Hole!

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