Saturday, November 26, 2005



Dear Reader, 2busy/apathetic 2 update this blog. Sorry. "Information given on a need-2-know basis." What Al Pacino movie was that? One of those later ones. Is that the same movie where he says "YOU'RE out of order! YOU'RE out of order!" Anyway, I had all these anti-thanxgibbin' news articles, but then figured everyone saw them already. Didnt want tired news in my blog, ya know? There was the one about the stove-top-stuffing lady die-ing. Then the one about Wal-Mart opening at 5 a.m.on Friday. And the one about a shopper trying2cut in line being wrestled2the ground by other shoppers. But the best one was about a movement called FREEGAN. Get it? Like vegan. Look4it online, it's interesting. It's about eating for free. It's an anti-excess stance. Pretty cool.

Hurt my arm doing yoga. Dont want2tell my teacher...i think she might feel bad and i dont want her2. So there's my excuse...cant tour...hurt my arm. Cant carry my accordion case. Heh heh. :-) Posted by Picasa


sasha said...

yay! the freedom to instantly comment. hi auntie! you look so pretty doing the toe grab assana. remeber when u used to do pilates with anacaban? "make your feet clap together like a seal. arf arf.""make your body long like spaghetti" or something.?

mxrich said...
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blisteX said...

nice hat, yoga-breath

mxrich said...

hi yoga-breath
no, the "out of order" movie was "And Justice for All" and John (Uncle Bentley, Blake Carrington, voice of Charile's Angels) Forsyh was the judge.