Wednesday, September 12, 2007

roll me over in the clover

This turtle was saved by The Belle...The Belle of Evansville. :-)

Whoa, just red about the 8.2. e.q. I dont EVEN wanna know about THAT. Yikes. A&R were in sf during the 7.1 e.q. which was pretty gnarly. It took me awhile(2long actually) 2 get over it. I'd like2think i'd do better in the (gulp) next one.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy checking emergency supplies.


mxrich said...

wait ... I'm confused ... not making light of forces of nature but is the turtle on its back cause of the earthquake?

Rich said...

no turtle e.q. connection. the rescuer turned it over onto its back 2 avoid being bitten. after being turned over, the turtle was moved to a more safe location. u know, higher ground, away from any tsunami danger.

pinky said...

where's the quake?????

pinky said...

i think my pinky icon is too big---sure takes a long time to come in.