Friday, February 19, 2010

it was a good day, no AK needed

Yesterday was a fantastic day. A and R rode bikes to the Sausalito ferry, locked up the bikes and took the ferry to downtown sam framcisco to the Ferry Building. Had coffee drinx and pastry at Blue Bottle. The brioche with strawberry and raspberry inside, i cant even tell u how good it was. I really like the gray tshirts worn by Blue bottle employees. There r various styles, mens and ladies, and all are made with the same very nice material.
Then we walked to Outpost Studios on Folsom Street to work with Dave Nelson and actually finished the ACC project. I was happy to see that the Euphonics board is indeed still there, but the funny thing is, the only thing it's used for is to hold computer screens. We never even touched the board. This way of working is so much fun. Maybe not for everyone i guess...i can hear Don Ciccone and Tommy Neal saying "Nyah! That stuff is for the birds!" Anyway, we didnt want it to be over so spent awhile fooling around with the order. Sadly tho, we did eventually have 2 say goodbye. See u next time Dave!
Took a cab from the studio to the Ferry Building, rode the ferry back to Sausalito, hopped on our bikes and rode home to the houseboat. Thanks Rich! I had a great day with u.
Stay tuned for promo video.

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