Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hotel hijinks: ht and acc in L.A.

Woo hoo just found a buncha pix from a SUICIDE show in L.A. when they opened for the Cars at the Amphitheater. ACC tried to keep up with the big boys that night and boy was it embarrassing to have to throw up out the window of a moving limousine with Martin and Alan and HT and Marty Thau in the car with me.
I think Dean Wareham had to throw up out the window of a moving tour bus once, but i believe his was drug-induced.  I think Britta said something funny to Dean like, "Yeah, now were getting somewhere", or something like that.
And speaking of Dean Wareham, ACC had a dream last nite that Dean was standing in a park phoning in his vocals for Slide and asked ACC to do the back-ups. So we both stood there in a lush and green park, recording our vocals into the phone. Oh hells yes. No Dubonnet on ice but it was still, u know, paradise. No tour or shows or anything...2busy re-living the old days.

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