Thursday, April 05, 2012

my sto'

BFF Rich made a music store at my Facebook page.   Pretty cool. Thanks R!
I like the selections on the artist mix page. I guess if i did Alice Cooper's I'M 18 live these days it would be pretty funny or weird or something, now that i'm 75. Maybe it was even weird to have performed it live when i wasnt AS old as i am now, but it never felt that way to me, i just liked singing the song. (Non-Tour Diary readers can catch ACC live the next time hell freezes over. -Ed.)
Ok y'all, get shoppin'.


carlos tropicana said...

glad sumbunny got to that!

Paul Dodd said...

Makes me want to buy stuff I already have.

angel corpus christi said...

well...chrishmish is coming! haha